Asbestos is a group of molecules that are very dangerous when inhaled. Since asbestos is resistant to heat, fire and other chemicals, it has been used in several different industries; so many workers have come into contact with it.

Asbestos can be breathed in by workers when something containing it is disturbed. The fibers are released into the air and then workers may breathe them in, where they are then trapped inside the lungs of the individual.

Symptoms that result from this poisoning are not noticeable for twenty to thirty years, and once it is, there is no treatment or cure for it. The only way to help someone with asbestos poisoning is to prevent the symptoms and disease from progressing. Once asbestos poisoning is determined an individual should immediately seek the assistance of a Bowling Green, OH asbestos lawyer to help file a workers compensation claim on their behalf and recover damages.

Degree of Asbestos Poisoning

Those workers that are most likely to come in contact with asbestos and suffer from asbestos poisoning are workers in factories, construction, railroad, and automotive industries. There are several questions regarding the degree of asbestos poisoning that has occurred, and they are as follows:

  • How long was the individual exposed to the asbestos?
  • How much asbestos was the individual exposed to?
  • What was the chemical makeup of the asbestos?
  • What other lung problems does the individual have?
  • Does the individual smoke?

Some of the symptoms that someone with asbestos poisoning will start to notice are chest pain and coughing, a shortness of breath, and even finger deformity. These symptoms will not present themselves until several years after the exposure.

Seeking a Bowling Green Asbestos Lawyer

If you have found yourself with these symptoms after being exposed to asbestos several years ago while at work, call our personal injury attorneys. We can go over your symptoms and causes, and then guide you in the right direction toward a compensation for your pain and suffering. You need an experienced Bowling Green, OH asbestos lawyer if you are filing a claim or to file a claim in Marblehead, Fremont, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Oak Harbor, Clyde, or Sandusky.

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