Clyde Asbestos Lawyer

Asbestosis poisoning is a serious condition caused by an event that could have taken place 20 to 30 years ago. Asbestos, a group of fibers that have been utilized in the automotive, construction, railroad, and factory industry, is very useful due to its physical properties. Resistant to heat and fire, this fiber was used in a variety of materials, in turn exposing many to the dangers of it. When exposed to high levels of asbestos, it can cause harmful symptoms. Contact a Clyde asbestos lawyer if you think you can file a workplace injury claim.

Asbestos at Work

If exposed to asbestos during the disturbance of an object, the fibers are inhaled and then rest in the lungs of the individual. There are a variety of symptoms of asbestos poisoning, which also does not affect the individual until it has been decades from the exposure. From difficulty breathing to finger deformities, the symptoms of asbestos poisoning can be life-changing.

Poisoning Conditions

There is not a treatment for asbestos poisoning. The only thing that affected individuals can do is try to prevent a progression of the condition. Some of the common conditions that asbestos poisoning lead to include mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. These are very serious conditions and can significantly change one’s life.

Contact a Lawyer

If you were exposed to asbestos in your line of work and now have either experienced symptoms or have a diagnosed condition, call our workplace injury attorneys. We want to help you to achieve a settlement that will help with medical bills, as well as any pain and suffering you have undergone throughout the years. Start building your claim today with an experienced Clyde asbestos lawyer.


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