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There are various reasons that workplace injuries can occur. Our Bowling Green, OH workers’ compensation lawyer has handled countless personal injury cases, representing victims of such accidents. Contact a Bowling Green injury lawyer today to file your claim.

There are different violations that often result in a work injury. OSHA released a list of top ten violations that can cause workplace injuries. These include things such as improper protection for falls, hazardous chemicals produced in the workplace, scaffolding issues, respiratory protection, electrical equipment, industrial trucks, ladders, machine guarding, and a lack of general safety.

Learn more workplace violations that cause injuries.

Work Injuries in Ohio

When an individual suffers from a work injury accident, there are several ways that their life may be affected. Not only will there be medical bills from the injury, but also time off of work lost wages and possibly short-term or long-term disability.

Bowling Green, OH workers’ compensation lawyers advise victims of work injury accidents to seek the guidance of a lawyer as soon as possible. There are different benefits that injured workers are able to seek after being involved in an accident and an experienced lawyer can guide them through the legal process, ensuring that they receive the compensation that is deserved.


A Bowling Green workers’ compensation lawyer will help you to determine which type of disability you are qualified for. The types include:

  • Temporary total disability – the most common, the injured worker must stay off the job for a short period of time
  • Permanent partial disability – physical or mental injuries are sustained that will remain with the individual forever, but they are still able to continue working
  • Permanent total disability – when seriously injured on the job and the person is never able to be employed again

Read more about the types of disability in a work injury claim.

Importance of Hiring a Bowling Green Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Having a personal injury lawyer work on your behalf after a work injury accident is crucial to your case. Choosing a lawyer who has handled similar cases is important as you will want someone who knows the legal process specific to work injury accidents.

The personal injury attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices have handled countless work injury accidents and have helped victims to receive the compensation that they deserve. To speak to a Bowling Green, OH workers’ compensation lawyer about the accident that caused your injuries, call today.

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