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Asbestos poisoning can be a confusing condition to have because those that are affected by it do not experience symptoms until years after the actual poisoning occurs. With a delay of 20 to 30 years, asbestos poisoning symptoms do not present themselves until the asbestos has sat inside the individual’s lungs for sometimes decades.

Some of the symptoms that may be experienced as a result of asbestos poisoning include trouble breathing, a crackling sound when breathing, finger deformities, a loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, and many other things. There is no cure for asbestos poisoning, and the only thing those affected by it can do is attempt to prevent the condition from progressing.

A common place for asbestos poisoning to occur is in the workplace. A handful of industries has utilized asbestos for its heat resistance and other attractive properties, exposing many workers to the harmful fiber. Factory workers that have been exposed to asbestos, as well as those in the automotive, railroad, manufacturing, and construction industries.

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