Bowling Green Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Abuse that occurs within a nursing home can do far more than physical damage. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse or neglect may not only leave bruises and scars but may also have an extreme impact on your family member’s psychological health. Your victimized loved one may require medical treatment, but also counseling and potentially relocation to another facility.

The financial toll associated with these needs can be extensive and debilitating. A Bowling Green nursing home abuse lawyer may be capable of helping you and your loved ones obtain a judgment for financial damages. These damage awards may help you and your family address any medical, financial, or other needs you or your loved one may have following an incident of abuse.

Who to File Suit Against After Abuse in a Nursing Home

In determining to file a lawsuit, injured individuals or those helping them must decide whom to bring their suit against. The defendant in these injury cases is the person or entity whose careless or reckless actions caused the abuse to occur. Thus, plaintiffs will usually name the abuser as a defendant in their cases. The abuser may be an employee of the home, another resident, or an unrelated visitor who gained entry to the facility.

The nursing home and its parent company may also be a defendant in a lawsuit. These corporate entities may act negligently by:

  • Failing to adequately supervise employees
  • Not controlling or monitoring visitors to the facility
  • Not restraining or containing residents who are aggressive or dangerous
  • Failing to appropriately and promptly investigate complaints or reports of abuse

Abused residents or their loved ones may turn to a Bowling Green attorney with experience in nursing home lawsuits for help. Qualified attorneys may help clients identify those responsible for paying for your losses and expenses.

Time Limitations in Filing a Bowling Green Lawsuit in Ohio

Ohio’s personal injury statute of limitations covers lawsuits arising from nursing home abuse. This statute of limitations only gives claimants two years from the date of the abusive act to file their lawsuit and begin the process of seeking compensation. If the abuse was part of a pattern of continuing behavior, then this period begins to run on the date of the last abusive event.

There may be other circumstances that might extend this two-year deadline. Even so, it is crucial that individuals who believe they or their loved ones have a claim speak with a qualified attorney quickly. Doing so may help protect your loved one’s legal rights, including their ability to seek compensatory damages.

Available Damages in Cases of Nursing Home Abuse

Plaintiffs whose cases are successful may receive compensatory damages for actual expenses they incurred. Such expenses might include medical bills, costs associated with moving to a new facility, and counseling or mental health services. Damages may also be available to compensate the abused plaintiff for physical and psychological pain and distress. A court may also assess punitive damages against the plaintiff’s abuser or the nursing home if either’s conduct is especially reprehensible.

Talk to a Bowling Green Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you believe that you or a loved one have been the victim of abusive acts in a long-term care facility, you should consider taking action. Start by consulting with a Bowling Green nursing home abuse lawyer about your situation. An evaluation of your case may reveal that you or your loved one could obtain a judgment for compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation for your case.

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