Bowling Green Child Injury Lawyer

Often, the worst accidents are those involving innocent children who are hurt due to the negligence of an irresponsible property owner, product maker, vehicle driver, or other entity. If your child suffered an injury, or you were injured while underage, contacting an experienced personal injury attorney may be a wise move. A Bowling Green, OH child injury lawyer could help your family seek the compensation you deserve.

Common Sources of Child Injuries

Numerous different types of accidents could involve injury to a child. Some of the most common child injuries in Bowling Green are related to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including transportation carrier accidents, large tractor-trailer crashes, and accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Accidents that occur on another person or entity’s property, including trips, falls, and animal attacks
  • Sports and recreation accidents, especially those that involve damage to the spinal cord or brain
  • Mistakes by a doctor or other medical professional, particularly if they occur during childbirth or surgery or if they take the form of missed or delayed diagnoses
  • Defective and dangerous products, including unsafe toys and baby products, prescription drugs and other medical devices, and car seats that malfunction or do not meet industry standards

Grounds for civil action may also arise from violent criminal actions such as assaults, domestic violence, child abuse, and child exploitation or trafficking. Whatever the cause of a child victim’s injuries, a Bowling Green, OH attorney may be able to help.

Statute of Limitations in Child Injury Cases

The time limit established by the statute of limitations in Bowling Green for filing personal injury claims is typically two years from the date of the injury or accident. However, unless the claim is for medical malpractice, it may fall under a stricter one-year limit for most injuries.

When victims are children under age 12 or are considered mentally incapacitated, it could be possible for their parents to file claims within seven years of a medical injury occurring, depending on the facts of the case. For this reason, it is often vital to begin working with a skilled child injury lawyer in Bowling Green as soon as possible following such an accident.

Statute of Limitations Exceptions

Under Ohio law, there may be exceptions to the time limits for minor victims whose parents did not file a personal injury claim on their behalf within the time limit. Those victims injured as minors may still be eligible to file claims on their own behalf, so long as they do so within one year of turning 18.

Bowling Green courts also recognize that sometimes, victims may not discover their injury until after the time limit applicable to their case has passed. In light of this, victims may also be eligible for a time limit exemption under the delayed discovery rule.

Contact a Bowling Green Child Injury Attorney Today

No matter what led to your child becoming injured, your family may be eligible for compensation if another party contributed to the accident or injury. A skilled Bowling Green, OH child injury lawyer could analyze the facts of your case and determine whether you may have a valid claim against the responsible party. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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