Benefits Available to Injured Workers in Toledo

If you suffered injuries while doing your job, you could consider filing a workers’ compensation claim. There are a variety of benefits available to injured workers in Toledo, and the facts and extent of your injuries will largely determine the possible compensation you can receive.

Navigating the workers’ compensation claims process can be challenging, so it could be wise to talk with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney about your legal options if you have sustained a work-related injury. A lawyer can discuss what benefits could be available to you and assist you with filing a claim. They can also help if your request has been denied and explore all other possible options to recover compensation for your injuries.

Deadline to Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The nature of the worker’s injury or illness determines how long a claimant has to file their workers’ compensation case. Generally speaking, when a worker sustains an injury on the job, they have up to one year from the date the incident occurred to submit a claim to the Ohio workers’ compensation bureau. Not all workers’ comp claims stem from a singular event that results in injury. Illnesses can arise out of toxic exposure and other occupational hazards as well. These are common reasons that an employee may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.

When a Toledo workplace injury compensation claim involves an occupational illness, the law states that an individual has up to two years from when the incapacity of their illness started to pursue benefits. If the worker was diagnosed with a disease related to their job, they have six months from the date of the physician’s confirmation of the illness to file a claim. Finally, if the worker’s occupational illness proves to be fatal, their family has up to two years from the date of the accident to seek death benefits.

Overview of Toledo Workers’ Compensation

An injured Toledo worker can pursue a wide variety of benefits in a workers’ compensation claim. Many of these benefits fall into two primary categories — disability and medical benefits. Other miscellaneous benefits could include the worker’s mileage accrued due to traveling to doctor appointments, vocational rehabilitation benefits, and scheduled loss benefits, which a worker could be entitled to for losing a limb or permanent impairment of a part of the body.

A Toledo worker’s medical benefits can pay for the healthcare costs associated with their injuries, including hospital bills, operation costs, physical therapy, and any other related expenses. Disability benefits pay for part of the worker’s lost wages when their injury or illness prevents them from working temporarily or results in permanent, partial, or total disability. These benefits are calculated from the worker’s median income before they suffered the impairment. A worker could also receive payment for lost earnings if they are partially impaired temporarily, but are still capable of performing some work.

If someone dies from a work injury or illness, their family could file for death benefits, which usually equal roughly two-thirds of the average worker’s income before their passing. The family can also obtain reimbursement for the worker’s burial costs.

Contact a Toledo Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Legal Assistance

If you would like to discuss the benefits available to injured workers in Toledo, a lawyer can give you more information about your rights, options, and filing a workplace injury claim. They could fight diligently on your behalf for maximum recovery of benefits and provide dedicated support throughout your case. Contact the office today to book your consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney.

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