Toledo Carpel Tunnel Work Injury Claims

People often assume carpel tunnel syndrome is caused by too much typing, but this painful condition can result from hard labor as well. If you have developed carpel tunnel from your job, you should file Toledo carpel tunnel work injury claims.

The FELA attorneys in our Toledo, Ohio office are representing a client whose regular use of vibrating tools such as cement chippers, impact guns, grinders, and jacks led to a carpal tunnel injury from working. He is a bridge maintenance worker.

Our client initially went to his family physician due to numbness and tingling in his hands, where he had Tinel’s, Phalen’s and Glick tests performed.  He was diagnosed with left carpal tunnel syndrome.

Shortly after, our client expressed complaints of bilateral hand numbness, which was especially noticeable in the morning.  He was referred to a specialist, where it was noted that our client was having a problem with numbness and pain in both of his hands. The numbness had been occurring for about six months, but also noted that the pain had become more severe about two to three weeks prior.  At that time, he was ordered cock up splints for both writs and ordered to have an EMG done.

An EMG was preformed at a local hospital. At a follow up appointment, our client noted that his condition was getting worse.  The doctor noted that even though the EMG came back negative, our client was having classic symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  The doctor planned to go through with the carpal tunnel release, and the procedure was done again at the local hospital.  The first procedure took place in March and the second took place in April.  Our client continued to treat with after each procedure.

In a narrative report written by the doctor, he believes that our client’s bilateral carpal tunnel is strongly related to his work and worked caused his condition. His injuries to his hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, upper extremities and nervous system are permanent in nature and he will continue to have problems in the future.

In order to protect our client’s rights, we filed a lawsuit under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, which is more commonly known as FELA, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio Western Division. Our office can file Toledo Carpel Tunnel work injury claims on your behalf.

If you think you have a FELA claim, call our Ohio FELA workers’ compensation lawyers 800.637.8170 to speak with an attorney immediately. The initial consultation is free.

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