Toledo Pedestrian Accident Laws

The most notable pedestrian law in Toledo is that pedestrians are required to cross in the crosswalk with a walk light if there is one. A pedestrian hit in the crosswalk with or without a walk sequence light is considered to have the right of way and presumed not to be negligent under Ohio law. Pedestrians who cross outside of the crosswalk do not necessarily have legal rights when they are hit.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may want to consult an experienced pedestrian collision lawyer who is knowledgeable of the Toledo pedestrian accident laws. An attorney could review your case and see if you are entitled to compensation.

Ways for Pedestrians to Avoid Accidents

To protect pedestrians, Toledo has designated many bike and running paths for people to use. There are also several parks for bikers, runners, and walkers to use to keep them off the roads. To avoid an accident it is important that people follow the pedestrian accident laws in Toledo. Also, when people are traveling at night, they should avoid wearing dark clothing so that drivers are able to see them.

Even if there are lights, many pedestrian accidents happen at night because the driver did not see the pedestrian and the pedestrian did not see the vehicle. It is also important for both drivers and pedestrian to be fully aware of their surroundings. Many accidents occur because the pedestrian was not paying attention.

The most important reasons for pedestrians to follow the traffic laws are for the person’s own individual safety and the ability to file a claim when they are in an accident. Obeying Toledo pedestrian accident laws give the presumption that the person was not negligent and can pursue compensation for their injuries.

Pedestrian Not Following the Law Impact on Case

Pedestrian rights are stronger than laws that apply to bicycles or cars, especially if the pedestrian is crossing in the crosswalk. However, if the individual is walking outside the crosswalk, the person may be considered negligent for the accident.

A pedestrian could also be found liable if they crossed in a crosswalk when the do not walk sign was on or if they darted onto the street. In these cases, the pedestrian is most likely going to have to pay for the damages.

Risky Pedestrian Accident Behaviors

Both drivers and runners unnecessarily put themselves at risk of a pedestrian accident. For runners, common risky behaviors include failure to wear reflective clothing, not obeying traffic-control devices such as red lights, crosswalks, or stop signs, and not running in a straight line or turning without the right to do so. For drivers, it typically is not seeing the runners and not giving them adequate room to get past them safely.

It is also common for pedestrians to be looking at their phone when walking and not notice an oncoming vehicle. It is important that individuals know and follow Toledo pedestrian accident laws, in order to preserve their own safety and the safety of others. To learn more, contact a dedicated pedestrian accident lawyer today.


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