Toledo Pedestrian Accident Regulations

A pedestrian is defined as an individual who is not a passenger and not driving a motor vehicle, motorcycle, truck, or bicycle and is on foot in close proximity to a roadway, sidewalk, private residence, or a parking lot.

Due to a pedestrian not being protected by a vehicle, they can suffer serious injuries if they are involved in an accident. For safety, there are many Toledo pedestrian accident regulations to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact a seasoned attorney to see if you are eligible for compensation.

Common Accidents Involving Pedestrians

There are many different scenarios in which a person can get injured by moving vehicles, including:

  • Crossing the street in a crosswalk
  • Crossing the street, while not in a crosswalk
  • Walking on a sidewalk
  • Walking in a parking lot

Guidelines for Drivers

The guidelines and regulations that drivers are required to abide by for pedestrians are a common law duty to act like an ordinary, reasonably prudent person. The standard applies to specific circumstances regarding pedestrian accident regulation in Toledo.

For an individual crossing a street in a crosswalk with the walk sign, it is a driver’s duty to wait until the person completes the crossing of the street before going through that intersection or making a turn. Another situation would be in a private parking lot. The driver would have a duty to yield to oncoming traffic or yield to an individual if they were walking in a crosswalk area. If the person was darting out at the same time the individual was walking, the pedestrian walking would have a duty to yield to oncoming traffic.

Someone has to look at each situation and determine who, based on whether or not there are signs or crosswalks, has the right of way in the situation. In some cases, the car has the right away. In other situations, it is the pedestrian. With some scenarios, it is not clear who has the right away because there are no crosswalks, signs, or traffic control devices. In those cases, it would be the person who was first there. It is a person’s a duty to yield to the one who was the first in line.

Pedestrian Accidents Distinction

There are many things about pedestrian accidents that make them different from auto accidents involving motor vehicles. If a person has a pedestrian accident, since they are not in a vehicle, the injuries could be much more serious and potentially catastrophic. There could also be a death involved. In pedestrian accidents, witnesses are vital. When it is the pedestrian’s word versus the driver’s word, there is often conflicting stories. Another distinction with pedestrian accidents is when a pedestrian is injured and the initial investigation happens but the pedestrian is not interviewed because they left the scene to go to the hospital.

Toledo pedestrian accident regulations are in place to limit these types of incidents. If you have been in one of these unfortunate accidents, seek the services of an attorney right away.


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