Steps Following a Toledo Pedestrian Accident

Being injured in an accident can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and confused on what to do next. It is important that you understand the steps following a Toledo pedestrian accident to take that can ensure that you are able to recover from your incident. When someone is injured in a pedestrian accident, they need to file a police report, seek medical attention, and consult an attorney to determine their rights and responsibilities. For more information, contact a compassionate lawyer today.

Seeking Medical Attention

The first action a person should take after suffering an injury in a pedestrian accident is to seek medical treatment. Pedestrian accidents usually involve a hard impact on the person, therefore, their injuries could be very severe. Common pedestrian accidents involve a person getting hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk, which can result in devastating injuries. It is also vital for their claim to document the injuries as soon as possible. When speaking to a medical provider, the injured person needs to detail very specifically what body part was injured. An injured individual also needs to follow-up with the family doctor as soon as possible.

Even when someone thinks they are not injured, they still need to seek medical treatment. A person’s adrenaline following an accident may cause someone to not realize the seriousness of their injuries.

Calling the Police

Another important step following a pedestrian accident in Toledo a person needs to take is calling the police. Law enforcement needs to do an investigation of the incident. To do this, police will get the names of the witnesses and take photographs of the scene. When someone is injured in an accident, they should tell the truth when talking to the officers and then call an attorney. Talking to a lawyer first following an accident may cast suspicions on the injured person in the minds of the police.

Contacting an Attorney

After seeking medical care and speaking with the officers, the injured person should seek the services of legal counsel following a pedestrian accident. Like the police, the lawyer needs to gather evidence of the accident. The attorney will also provide advice to the individual in order to protect their legal rights. It is essential to refrain from talking to an insurance company without having a lawyer present. Talking to the insurance company could possibly damage their legal rights.

Collecting the Diver’s Information

After a pedestrian accident, the officer will collect the driver’s information when they are filing a police report. If the driver is trying to flee the scene, the pedestrian or witnesses should try to get a license plate number and take a photo with their cellphone. The pedestrian also should get the names of witnesses as soon as possible. If the pedestrian has uninsured motorist coverage and the driver flees the scene, they may still have a claim on their policy under Ohio law.

It could also be important to gather other information about the scene of the accident, such as weather conditions and traffic sequences. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact a knowledgeable attorney who is well-versed in the steps following a Toledo pedestrian accident. Understanding what to do after you are injured, will help you get the recovery you deserve.

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