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When you buy a product at a store, you generally do not expect that it will hurt you. Consumers have the right to assume the products they buy are safe. Unfortunately, defective products can cause irreparable harm to unsuspecting customers.

If a faulty consumer good recently harmed you or a loved one, a Saline defective products lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer. A successful legal claim could grant you the financial security you and your family need to rebuild your lives.

Common Products That Lead to Consumer Harm

Many types of products can cause injuries, even when used correctly. In Saline, just like elsewhere in Michigan, some of the most common types of products defective products include:

  • Cleaning products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Household appliances
  • Children’s toys and safety products
  • Over-the-counter and prescription medication
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Automobile parts, such as brakes, seatbelts, and airbags
  • Industrial machinery and construction equipment

Our team of dedicated attorneys has a great deal of experience helping injured parties seek compensation after using hazardous consumer goods. We have negotiated settlements and handled lawsuits for a variety of defective products.

Types of Product Defects that Lead to Injuries

Everyone involved in a product’s supply chain is responsible for creating and selling safe products. Many factors can make a product dangerous to consumers, including faulty designs, manufacturing problems, and misleading marketing.

Design Defects

Manufacturers need to design inherently safe products. If a product has a design defect, every model in that product line would have the same fault, even if the manufacturing and production processes are safe.

Manufacturing Defects

The federal government sets strict standards for manufacturers in order to protect consumers from dangerous products. To comply with these regulations, manufacturers are obligated to test their products before selling them to consumers.

Marketing Defects

Manufacturers need to include proper operating instructions for their products. If a product has a potential risk, the company must warn consumers. A manufacturer could be liable for a marketing defect if a consumer sustains an injury while using a product according to its directions. Our lawyers understand how to investigate these types of product defects and hold the responsible parties accountable.

How to Prevail in a Product Liability Claim

Product liability cases are slightly different than typical negligence claims. You do not need to prove the product manufacturer owed you a duty of care. To succeed in your claim, you must prove the following elements of strict liability:

  • You were using the product as directed or as any other reasonable consumer might use the product
  • Your use of the product caused you to sustain a severe injury
  • The product had a defect
  • That defect played a large part in causing your injury

Product liability claims involve an intricate understanding of local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws. It is essential to work with a trusted legal team with the resources to help you succeed in your defective product claim.

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