While there are many situations where accidental injuries are unavoidable, there are others when a child is injured due to one’s negligence. Children enjoy the same rights under the law as adults to file lawsuits, through the guardianship of their parents, demanding compensation for their injuries. A professional Findlay child injury lawyer can work with the parents and guardians of hurt children to pursue damages from liable defendants. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated injury attorney could make a difference in your family’s life today.

How Children Can Become Injured

Just as adults can be injured in car accidents, slip on ice, and be bitten by dogs, so can children. If a plaintiff can demonstrate that these incidents were the fault of another party, they may file a claim for damages. Unfortunately, being naturally smaller and more vulnerable, kids can appear as easy targets for criminals and abusers. The defendants in these situations face two potential penalties: criminal charges and civil lawsuits. Most incidents of violence are grounds for criminal charges. Any individual who is the target of violence should immediately contact the police. The police will act to protect the child and file appropriate criminal charges against the defendant. Criminal charges are intended to punish the defendant if they are found guilty.

However, even if a defendant is convicted and sent to prison, the court cannot order their payment of compensation to the child. To accomplish this, the child’s family must file an independent civil case alleging personal injury. Many of the possible criminal charges involving violence against children, such as assault, sexual abuse, and kidnapping, have their equivalents in the civil law. An experienced Findlay child injury lawyer can help families to file the appropriate civil causes of action and work to hold the defendant accountable in civil court.

Examples of Civil Cases

Children can become injured in any number of ways. Some of these are identical to situations that can result in injuries to adults. These can include car accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, or school-related incidents. In car accident cases, the plaintiff must show that the other driver was at fault for causing the collision by using the theory of negligence. In a similar vein, visitors to others’ property who have suffered a slip and fall accident are afforded specific rights under the law. In general, if there is a hazard known to the landowner, and the landowner does not warn the plaintiff about it, the landowner is responsible under premises liability laws.

In addition, dog owners are liable for injuries caused by their dogs as long as the injured child was not trespassing or teasing the animal. Children can also become injured while at school or while riding the bus. In situations like these, the school district is the target of any lawsuit. While this is certainly more complicated than suing a private party, a weathered Findlay child injury lawyer can help parents to pursue this legal option.

Working with a Findlay Child Injury Lawyer

A seasoned Findlay child injury lawyer will work to hold individuals responsible for their actions when they have harmed a family. As such, they can help parents and legal guardians to recover damages from the liable parties. These damages can include not just medical bills and mental trauma suffered by the child, but also economic hardships placed upon the parents following the injury.

If you wish to pursue compensation following your child’s injuries, consider scheduling your initial consultation with a determined Findlay child injury lawyer today.

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