If a student from out-of-state is injured in an accident while in Ohio, they may be confused at how to go about the situation. Oftentimes, the first thing asked when involved in such an accident is whether or not the injured person is a resident of the state. Going through a liability claim can be complicated for many students, so contacting a Findlay student injury lawyer is crucial to making this process as smooth as possible.

A resident of Ohio is any person that has a place of residence in the state for a full year (12 month period), is qualified to vote in Ohio, and pays taxes to the state of Ohio. This is anyone that is currently residing in the state and intends to remain in the state.

Many college students do not remain in Ohio year round, going home on breaks between semesters, etc.

Many students also plan to move out of the state upon graduation. These students would be considered residents of their home states.

Contacting a Findlay Student Injury Attorney

Whether an individual is or is not considered a resident of Ohio, they still have equal access to the Ohio court systems in order to seek compensation for injuries from the accident. If another person is negligent and at-fault for the accident, the first thing the student should do is find a Findlay student accident attorney that will help to hold the at-fault individual responsible for damages. This will allow the injured student to receive the maximum amount of compensation for injuries from the accident.

If you are a student from out of state that has been injured in an Ohio accident, call a Findlay student injury lawyer today. We will help you to receive the compensation that you deserve from the accident, and make it as smooth of a process as possible.

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