Toledo Neurologist Malpractice Claims

The Toledo neurologist malpractice lawyers at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC handle Toledo neurologist malpractice claims against neurologists.  A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of injury and diseases of the nervous system. The brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves throughout the body are all covered under a neurologist’s care. A neurologist helps identify the source of problems with a patient’s nervous system, which could include the inability to use the senses correctly and the inability to perform normal motor functions.

Neurologists also examine issues with balance, reflexes, and muscle strength to try and identify the source of disorders of the brain such as loss of memory, speech, and abstract thought. In order to become a board-certified neurologist, the doctors have to go through a significant amount of training. Even with the extensive training, there are occasions when a patient suffers injuries due to neurologist medical malpractice. In these situations, the injured patient may have a neurologist malpractice lawsuit.

Common Causes

Examples of neurologist malpractice lawsuits include failure to:

  • Properly and timely diagnose and treat a stroke
  • Properly diagnose a brain tumor
  • Properly prescribe medications
  • Properly diagnose and treat a traumatic brain injury
  • Properly diagnose and treat a spinal cord injury
  • Properly diagnose and treat spinal cord impingement
  • Properly diagnose a brain bleed
  • Properly diagnose neurologic disorders
  • Properly diagnose and treat neuropathy

Other medical mistakes include errors in administering epidural injections and other pain management techniques.

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Our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers are experienced at handling Toledo neurologist malpractice claims for victims of malpractice against neurologists. Patients injured or harmed because of the medical mistakes or negligence of a neurologist should contact the Ohio medical malpractice firm of the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC. Call us now to speak with one of our experienced Toledo neurologist malpractice attorneys about your case.

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