Because attorneys worked with the client during the initial consultation in the Toledo head-on collision case, everyone was able to set goals and standards that the client wanted to happen for her and her case. Attorneys in this case, like other cases, could then work towards those goals and could do the same for you if you have a valid claim against a negligent party. Speaking with attorneys could prove useful, so reach out to one today.

What Transpired in the First Meeting with the Client

In the first meeting with the client, the first thing that we did was get the crash report that had been generated as a result of the car accident. Then, we sat down with her initially and went through some basic information, like contact information.

We talked about the insurance that was involved, both hers and the other driver’s, got the information regarding her health insurance, and talked about the fact that the car had been totaled.

We then talked about a couple of prior injuries she had, because we needed to know whether or not we were dealing with entirely new injuries or aggravated old ones. In this case, there were no prior injuries that were connected to what had happened to her.

We talked about what had happened and what her recollection of the incident was. She did not remember the accident happening at all. She remembered trying to go through the intersection and then waking up in the back of the ambulance. We talked about what she did and did not remember, and where she had been going at the time this happened. Basically, we covered all the factually relevant pieces of information we would need to start investigating and building the case. We talked about her injuries, the treatment that she had so far, what her current prognosis was, how she was dealing with things on a day-to-day basis, what kind of pain she was still dealing with, and where her doctors thought she might be headed treatment-wise. Additionally, we got some medical authorizations from her so that we could obtain records from her doctors and physical therapists.

As a manner of course, we also talked about what her goals were for the case, and we had a long conversation about some case strategies. One thing that was interesting about this case, in particular, was that it was one that a lot of attorneys might have had difficulty with because, even though the other driver turned left in front of my client, his insurance company was not accepting liability because my client tested as being beyond the legal limit for alcohol.

Because of that, the other insurance company was denying liability or saying that my client was at least 50 percent responsible for what had happened, even though the other driver turned in front of her. We talked about some of the implications of that, how we thought it might affect the case, and what we thought we might be able to do to still get a good result for her.

Regardless of her status, she was the person driving straight down the road when somebody turned left in front of her, and we did not think there was any evidence that her alcohol consumption caused the crash in any way.

Why the Client Chose Our Firm Over Others

My client decided to hire our firm over any other firm because she was not happy with the direction that her other attorney was taking it. She wanted to see if we could help her get a better result. Our firm was recommended to her by another person that she reached out to.

Contact an Attorney Who Could Help

The initial consultation in the Toledo head-on collision case was vital for understanding why the client was unsatisfied with her previous attorney and how we, as a team, could move forward. While consultations are a standard component to any case, they should not be undervalued. If you feel as though you need help pursuing a legal claim against a negligent party, you need to talk with an attorney who could review your case and set goals with you for your case.

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