Toledo Head-On Collision Case Study

When you have suffered because of another person’s negligence, then a seasoned attorney may be familiar with a case like yours and could help. For the victims of the Toledo head-on collision case study, an attorney was ready to help and made a difference in their case. Much the same, an attorney could evaluate your case, draft a settlement plan, and take steps toward court if negotiations are unsuccessful.

What Happened to Our Client in the Toledo Head-On Collision Case

My client was driving one of her friends. They were going to pick up another person and go back to the cookout they had been at. They were driving straight at a green light to proceed right through the intersection. As they crossed over the crosswalk, the light turned yellow and she kept going through the intersection. At that point, somebody coming from the other direction trying to make a left-hand turn made that turn directly in front of her and the two cars collided. She never saw the other vehicle before this happened. The next thing that she remembered was waking up in the back of an ambulance and being told that she had been in a crash.

The Client’s Injuries and First Contact with an Attorney

My client had serious fractures to her right ankle. Her right ankle, tibia, and the fibula were fractured severely. She had hired another attorney before she contacted me, but that attorney had the case for a year or so and had not gotten a demand for a settlement put together. She was unhappy with the direction that it was going, so she reached out to our office and I got involved to see how I could move things along for her.

The Involved Parties in the Toledo Head-On Collision Case

It was just the two vehicles involved in the incident with my client in Toledo. Each of the drivers had a passenger, but as far as the parties potentially at fault, it was just the two cars.

Fortunately, the opposing parties were in-state residents.

How Out-of-State Residency Would Have Affected the Case

If an out-of-state resident was involved, ordinarily the law of the state where the accident happened would apply unless there was some compelling reason for it to be transferred to the state of the defendant driver. It is somewhat unusual for jurisdiction to be taken away from the state where the accident happened, but it could happen if all of the people involved would have, for example, a lot of contact with Michigan. That sometimes happens in this area just because Toledo is close to the Michigan border.

Where the Wreck Took Place

The incident involving my client took place at the intersection between Holland-Sylvania and Bancroft. My client was driving west on Bancroft and the defendant was coming east to make a left-hand turn onto northbound Holland-Sylvania.

One of the things that attorneys always have with an intersection is looking at light sequences and how many lanes there are going each direction, but there was nothing specific about this location beyond ordinary intersection issues.

An Attorney Could Review a Claim

Life is full of surprises, however, not all of them are considered wanted. When the victim of the Toledo head-on collision case study wrecked, she was both shocked at what had happened and confused as to what she could do next. Initially, she had enlisted the services of an attorney, but her first selection did not work for her and was referred to our team. If you feel as though your case could be better resolved by working with an attorney who is familiar with drafting settlements and taking claims to court if negotiations fail, then you need to reach out to an attorney today.

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