Working with a Toledo Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries or TBIs, refer to injuries sustained following trauma to the head.  These injuries can occur following car accidents, slip and falls, pedestrian accidents, and so on. A TBI can have long-term implications for those who have been injured. That is why if you have sustained a traumatic brain injury, you should consider working with a Toledo traumatic brain injury attorney. A capable TBI lawyer could help you hold the responsible party accountable and pursue compensation for your injuries.

Benefits of Working with a Law Firm

When working with a Toledo traumatic brain injury attorney, it can be reassuring to remember that they do not have to reinvent the wheel. They have dealt with the issues in a traumatic brain injury case on a regular basis. Firms often have many experts that have dealt with the traumatic brain injuries of the past. A firm may have connections to more reputable experts, and a working knowledge of which experts may be less reliable. Firms are also more likely to belong to organizations and message boards and listservs that, on a daily basis, discuss these cases and the experts on both the plaintiff’s side and the defense’s side. Therefore, they have the cutting-edge information that is relevant to obtaining the best results for these types of cases.

Paying for a Consultation

Typically, in a traumatic brain injury case, there is a no-fee consultation, meaning that if the accident victim wants to hire attorneys and the attorneys want to handle the case, there is a free consultation. An attorney’s fee is typically a percentage of the recovery, which is normally one-third to 40%, depending on the specifics of the case. They would advance all costs involved in the case, meaning expert witnesses, investigator fees, or anything like that, and if they were not successful, the attorney, in effect, eats the expenses in the case.

What is the Cost of Retaining a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

One benefit of working with a Toledo traumatic brain injury attorney is that there would be no out-of-pocket expense in these cases. The fee is typically a percentage of what they are able to recover, so it is on a contingency basis. The advantage of a contingency basis is that a middle-class or poor individual can obtain quality representation with a war chest to pay for any of the necessary costs to present the case, so the individual is not going to be at a disadvantage because they are not a rich corporation.

What Happens if a Case is Unsuccessful?

Typically, if a case is not successful, there is no cost, meaning the attorney would be responsible for all of their own time and any of the costs for expert witnesses that the attorney advanced. In effect, the contingency fee system allows the accident victim to competing with the richest person at an equal level. The goal is to try to solve the problem as quickly and cheaply as possible, but if it is an all-out war, we are prepared to do that, too.

In effect, by using the contingency fee system, the attorney really has to get in the game. If the attorney does not produce positive results, they do not get paid and they do not get their expenses reimbursed. The benefit of working with a Toledo traumatic brain injury attorney is that they could work diligently in pursuit of an outcome that benefits the victim and the attorney.

Value of a Toledo Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Typically, traumatic brain injuries could be the type of case that would implicate and impact you for the rest of your life. It is not something that just goes away quickly. That is why it is important to do your research and look for specific qualities in your attorney. When seeking a traumatic brain injury lawyer, you should ask whether the attorney is committed to the case or not. You should also take into account which officer is going to be assigned to the case. Transparency is one of the most important qualities to look for in a traumatic brain injury attorney. Working with a Toledo traumatic brain injury attorney that is easy to contact and willing to answer questions about your case, can be a vital asset in your case. Speak with a capable lawyer that could fight tirelessly for you.

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