Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Toledo 

A primary traumatic brain injury is an injury during the initial trauma where there is a displacement of the physical portion and structure of the brain. Secondary traumatic brain injuries are the indirect results of the primary traumatic brain injury. That would happen in the hours and the days after the initial trauma. Anoxic brain injuries are injuries to the brain due to a lack of oxygen. The brain cells without oxygen typically die after four minutes. A hypoxic brain injury is when the brain does not get enough oxygen. Hypoxic brain injuries typically occur during drownings, a choking situation, or some sort of suffocation. If you want to know more about the different types of traumatic brain injuries in Toledo, speak with a qualified traumatic brain injury lawyer that could answer your questions.

Traumatic Neurological and Psychological Conditions

Often times when there is a brain injury, the result is a neurological problem such as loss of brain function or substantial impact on brain function. Loss of consciousness also happens, resulting in the individual slipping into a coma. Traumatic conditions can also have psychological effects such as a loss or decrease in mental capacity. It could result in other psychological conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety. Those are all common potential psychological and neurological conditions that can result from a brain injury.

How Can Doctors Distinguish Between Different Types of TBI?

Doctors initially distinguish the different types of traumatic brain injuries in Toledo by conducting an MRI, a CAT-scan, or a PET-scan of the brain. They look for objective evidence to determine what type of a brain injury has occurred, or if there is a brain injury at all. Following the initial scan, doctors use neurological testing and/or neuropsychological testing which provides objective data to determine a correct diagnosis and a treatment strategy for the brain condition.

It is crucial for patients to understand what type of brain injury they have in order to understand what the problem to effectively work together with a doctor to create a plan to come up with the best strategy to deal with the problem. Once an individual understands their injury, then they can actually begin to understand the treatment options, look into researching those issues. There is a better understanding of what is going on with their treatment. The more information that is provided and understood, the better the result.

Common Treatments for TBIs

Treatment for different types traumatic brain injuries in Toledo is commonly provided by a neurologist that can make the specific diagnosis for the injury. Then, based on the neurologist looking at the MRIs, PET-scans and the CAT-scans, they will make referrals for the correct type of therapy, whether it is occupational, psychological, or for vision or hearing. The neurologist is essentially the gatekeeper that makes the decisions for the necessary referrals.

How Does Treatment Differ Between Types of TBIs?

Traumatic brain injuries come in all shapes and sizes so almost every one of them is different and unique. Some of them require speech therapy. Some of the treatments might affect hearing. Some might have an effect on vision. Other times, injuries require occupational therapy to help the person to relearn to do different physical tasks.

Treatments for different types of traumatic brain injuries in Toledo include different types of mental therapy to help with memory, both short-term and long-term. The treatment can also require neuropsychological testing. There is no one size fits all. Once someone obtains the correct diagnosis there needs to be an individualized treatment plan for the patient.

Consulting an Experienced Toledo Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

A TBI lawyer could tell your story both to the claims adjuster, the insurance company and potentially to a mediator or a jury. The best way to tell the story is to understand the life that you led before your injury, the mechanism of injury, the why and the specifics of the injury, the treatment protocol, and what kind of impact the injury has had on your life. Understanding the type of injury could help your lawyer better relate your story to the jury. Work with an attorney that has experience dealing with the many types of traumatic brain injuries in Toledo that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

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