Liability For Fremont Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can be particularly catastrophic, as riders are directly exposed to the impact of another vehicle. While severe injuries are common to a motorcycle collision, there are often accidents that result in the death of a rider. Many of these incidents occur in consequence to a negligent driver failing to exercise caution and observe traffic regulations.

Drivers of cars and trucks may also forget to look for motorcycles, as they commonly focus on other large vehicles and may fail to see smaller ones. However, operating without care on the roadway should not be tolerated. When considering a lawsuit which seeks to establish liability for Fremont motorcycle accidents, a person may want to speak with legal counsel.

Contact a dedicated injury lawyer and schedule an appointment to discuss the case. They could help file a negligence claim and potentially look into different legal options which may assist in holding careless parties accountable.

Factors Surrounding Motorcycle Accidents in Fremont

Negligent driving can stem from a variety of factors. In some cases, a driver may be distracted by a phone or navigation system. Texting or talking with someone on the phone could easily distract a person driving a car from smaller vehicles such as motorcycles who are in close proximity. The delay in their reaction time often creates a higher risk for an accident which may lead to devastating and even life-threatening injuries for the motorcyclist.

Additionally, the popularity of motorcycles has increased and they are frequently found operating on roads and highways. Subsequently, there are more opportunities for an accident to occur. Individuals should consult an experienced attorney who can help determine liability for Fremont motorcycle accidents, as they could advocate for a person’s case by presenting different factors that may have contributed to the collision.

Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident claims are handled similarly to car and truck accidents. Typically, insurance adjusters and attorneys will look at photos from the accident, medical statements regarding documented injuries, police crash report, along with statements from witnesses who may have seen the incident unfold.

By comparing the different aspects of the collision, the attorneys and insurance adjusters may begin to formulate arguments of which party is at fault for the accident. In some cases, negligence can be shared by multiple parties or attributed to a sole party.

Establishing liability in Fremont motorcycle accidents can be significantly important when attempting to address costly medical care which may have resulted in injuries from the crash. Contact a persistent lawyer who understands motorcycle accident cases in Fremont and can possibly help provide representation in court.

Comparative Negligence

Motorcycle accidents commonly become complicated when an accused party asserts that fault for the incident is shared. They may claim that the person who filed the initial negligence claim also contributed to the accident by operating their vehicle careless, and therefore should be responsible for bearing some of the costs in the incident.

If the opposing party offers evidence that substantiates a shared negligence claim, the amount of damages that could be collected may be influenced or in some cases reduced. Generally, comparative negligence assigns percentages of fault to involved parties. A person who receives 10 percent of blame may only collect 90 percent of any potential compensation. However, when considering a settlement or counteroffer, a person may strongly benefit from seeking the counsel of a skilled attorney who is familiar with motorcycle accident cases in Fremont.

Consult a Fremont Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The time following a motorcycle accident is frequently frustrating. Medical expenses, cost of living and a painful recovery can take a huge toll on a person’s well-being. Compensation for damages incurred in the accident could help lift the stress off an injured person and their family. Call a strategic attorney who can help demonstrate another party’s liability for a Fremont motorcycle accident.


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