Health Insurance in Fremont Motorcycle Accident Cases

Health insurance is an important resource for drivers of motor vehicles, especially motorcyclists. With little protection against outside forces in a crash, many motorcyclists may have a higher risk of experiencing severe injuries after an accident. A health insurance plan can help a person who is severely injured in a Fremont motorcycle accident by connecting them with medical care and potentially reduce the costs corresponding to such treatment. Following a motorcycle accident, someone who received significant injuries may want to consider meeting with a skilled lawyer.

Discussing an accident that resulted in an injury with a lawyer who is familiar with health insurance in Fremont motorcycle accident cases, could help a person prepare for potential court proceedings. The legal system in Fremont can become hard to decipher quickly and someone who is inexperienced in law may struggle to succeed alone in court.

Benefits of Health Insurance

It is important to have health insurance. A person never knows whether they might be in a car accident or motorcycle accident. After an accident, they may have significant hospital bills and ongoing treatment to get better.

Having health insurance in place before an accident ensures that a person can get the medical treatment they may need if injuries are incurred. Additionally, their health insurer may be able to work to reduce the rate of payment for the medical expenses. For example, a medical bill could be reduced based on the agreement between the health insurance company and the hospital that treated the individual.

Health Insurance Coverage Could Limit Damages

Ohio law has a rule that allows people to consider both the amount that was billed for their medical treatment and the amount that was actually paid for it. There is often a huge bill and the health insurance company works with the hospital or medical provider to pay a reduced rate according to a previously established agreement. The hospital agrees to accept that as full payment for the bill even if the initial bill was much larger. This reduces the amount that was paid for a person’s medical treatment, however, it may also potentially reduce the amount of damages someone can recover for their injuries.

When the amount that was paid for the medical treatment caused by the accident is reduced, that subsequently decreases the amount of damages available. With the paid sick leave, somebody injured who takes time off work is still being paid for that time. Sick time is not a separate measure of damages. As an example, when a salaried employee uses paid sick leave, they do not have any reduction in their pay when they missed work for a doctor’s appointment or a hospital stay. When a person who makes $12 an hour who does not have any paid sick leave misses a full eight hour day of work, they have a calculable wage loss of $96 for that day that could increase if they need additional time off.

Meeting with a lawyer who can comprehend the complexities of health insurance in a Fremont motorcycle accident case may positively impact a person’s situation. An experienced attorney could help advocate on an injured person’s behalf and fight for a fair settlement.

Reimbursing Health Insurance Companies

When somebody is injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident, the health insurance company pays medical expenses, but there is generally a part of the health insurance contract that requires a person to reimburse the health insurance company if they get a recovery from the individual who caused the accident. They may ask to be repaid for the amount they paid for a person’s medical treatment caused by the car accident. For patients on Medicaid or Medicare, or who had worker’s compensation pay for their treatment, there are statutes saying they are entitled to be paid out of any settlement the person recovers.

Sometimes the amount a health insurance company attempts to claim from a worker’s compensation payment could be negotiated down by an injured person’s attorney. The theory behind why an insurance company can request repayment is that they are paying for a person’s medical treatment due to somebody else’s negligent action. In those circumstances, the health insurance company is allowed to recover the amounts for treatment they paid for that was caused by somebody else.

However, a person’s lawyer could organize their bills and payments made by an insurance company to keep track of how much was paid for their medical treatments. Generally, it is helpful to know how much a health insurance company might ask for in the event a settlement is offered. If there is an offer on a person’s case, their attorney might be able to negotiate with the health insurance company to reduce the amount they are claiming from the settlement.

How a Lawyer Could Help in a Motorcycle Accident Case

A person who is injured in a motorcycle accident may not want to wait for an offer by the health insurance company before contacting a lawyer in Fremont. Frequently, the insurance company makes low offers to end negotiations quickly and to settle the case. Contacting a skilled attorney at their earliest opportunity could be strongly advantageous. Sometimes knowing that a person is already represented by an attorney may incline an insurance company to make a more reasonable settlement offer.

Seek the advice of a seasoned lawyer who is familiar with health insurance in Fremont motorcycle accident cases. Legal representation could be the difference between a sub-par settlement offer and a reasonable one.


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