Fremont Bus Accident Lawyer

Many people depend on buses for safe and reliable transportation in and around Fremont. However, accidents still sometimes occur. Bus accidents may occur on city or municipal buses, school buses, charter buses, and tour buses.

In order to file a personal injury claim after a bus crash, you must be able to show that the bus driver—or the bus company, school board, or municipality that employed them—was negligent. You must also be able to demonstrate that you suffered injuries and damages because of this negligence.

If you suffered injuries and damages in a Fremont bus accident, you should have experienced legal counsel on your side from a dedicated attorney. A Fremont bus accident lawyer could determine if you are eligible to make a personal injury claim for damages and, if so, work with you to file that claim against all responsible parties.

Bus Driver Negligence

The first step to winning a bus accident lawsuit in Fremont is showing that the bus driver behaved in a negligent manner. This may mean that the bus driver was distracted while behind the wheel—for example, by using a cell phone or some other electronic device. It could also mean that the driver was speeding, violating a traffic law, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In order to recover compensation, the accident victim must also be able to show that they sustained injuries and damages because of the accident. A Fremont bus accident lawyer should be familiar with how negligence can be proven and well-equipped to help you establish its involvement in your case.

Owner Negligence

Many different legal entities can own buses. The city of Fremont, for instance, owns and operates municipal buses, while the Board of Education does the same with school buses. For their part, private bus companies have fleets of charter buses and tour buses.

If you suffered injuries in a Fremont bus accident, the bus owner or operator may be fully or partially to blame. Bus owners may be responsible for the negligent acts of their employees if bus driver was:

  • Working for the bus owner at the time the accident occurred
  • On the job at the time of the bus accident

Bus owners and bus companies may also be liable for negligently hiring a bus driver who has a history of causing accidents, or for retaining a driver with traffic violations on their record. In most such cases, a Fremont bus accident lawyer could file a claim or lawsuit against both the negligent bus driver and the bus owner. In other words, both parties could ultimately share in the legal liability for an accident victim’s injuries and damages.

The Potential Role of Other Drivers

In some bus accident cases, bus drivers were driving carefully and following all traffic laws and rules of the road, yet still were involved in a wreck by no fault of their own. In those instances, however, another motor vehicle driver may bear liability for operating their vehicle in a careless or reckless manner and subsequently negligently colliding with the bus. When that happens, a bus accident victim may be able to file a claim or lawsuit for damages directly against the driver and/or owner of the other motor vehicle.

Let a Fremont Bus Accident Attorney Help

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine exactly who—or what entity—is responsible for a bus accident. A Fremont bus accident lawyer could fully investigate all the circumstances of your accident and make sure to name all necessary parties to your claim or lawsuit for damages. Call today to schedule a confidential case review.

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