Fremont Dog Bite Lawyer 

Many states have complicated dog bite laws that consider the dog’s past and the owner’s knowledge of its previous behavior. These laws can create complicated legal cases where a jury needs to determine both the facts of the attack and the owner’s mindset.

Thankfully, Ohio law is much simpler. Rather than following a one-bite rule, Ohio places strict liability on dog owners for any personal or property damage done by their animal.

This means that, with a few exceptions, all owners are responsible for their dog’s actions. A Fremont dog bite lawyer could represent people who have been injured in dog attacks to recover the compensation that they deserve. Work with a skilled personal injury attorney that could advocate for you.

Ohio Dog Bite Statute

Ohio has codified the dog bite law in Ohio Revised Code 955.28 (B). This statute states that the owner of a dog is liable for any loss to a person or property that is caused by the dog. There is no mention of any mindset required in the landowner’s mind, or that the dog has any history of viciousness.

These attacks are also not limited by geographic location. An owner is just as responsible in their own home as they are on the street, and a Fremont dog bite lawyer could help hold the owner accountable.

Exceptions to the Dog Bite Statute

There are two prominent exceptions written into the dog bite law. First, a dog owner is not responsible if the injured person was teasing or harassing the dog in any way while on the owner’s property before the attack.

Second, the owner is not responsible if the attack occurred as a result of the injured person attempting to trespass or commit any other crime against the owner.

In short, the dog’s owner may raise the affirmative defense of self-defense either on part of the dog itself or in protecting the owner from harm.

Potential Harm from Dog Attacks

Ohio’s statute is also clear that the dog’s owner is responsible to pay for not just personal injury, but also property damage caused by their dog. Using a simple example, the victim of a dog bite to the leg can sue for not just medical costs associated with treating the bite, but also any lost wages from missed time at work, as well as the value of the ruined pants. This is a very open-ended dog bite statute that incentivizes dog owners to take care that their animals are well mannered and properly restrained.

The potential physical injuries can be substantial. Dogs’ mouths are harbors for bacteria and any bite can become seriously infected. Larger animals are even capable of breaking bones, deep cuts, and separated joints. Whenever a person visits an emergency room following a dog bite, they should let the staff know the cause. This will result in both a targeted treatment plan and proper documentation for any future lawsuit.

Hiring a Fremont Dog Bite Attorney

If you or a family member have been attacked by another person’s dog, regardless of the circumstances, contact Fremont dog bite attorneys today. Ohio’s law holds the dog’s owner legally liable for all personal and property damage that results from any dog attack. Even if the dog has no history of violence, the injured person can still file a suit.

Dog bites are serious injuries that can require months of treatment and can result in permanent scarring. Work with a Fremont dog bite attorney that could attempt to recover the fair restitution that you deserve.

However, be aware that the law in Ohio states in Ohio Revised Code 2305.10 that any claim for a personal injury must be started within two years of the date of injury, so time is of the essence. Contact Fremont dog bite lawyers today to hold the owner of the dog responsible for its actions.

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