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Whether a rear-end car accident happened while moving or during a sudden stop in traffic, it could cause significant damage to those involved, both physically and financially. Additionally, insurance and legal recovery for an auto collision may not be easy to navigate by yourself. Fortunately, a Findlay rear-end car accident lawyer could help you overcome any obstacles that impede the process of seeking compensation for your injuries. A knowledgeable car wreck attorney could review your circumstances and help you weigh your potential legal options for compensation moving forward.

Auto Insurance Claims After a Wreck

Before filing a lawsuit, an attorney in Findlay may assist an injured party in pursuing an insurance claim for a rear-end collision. Depending on the policy the plaintiff has, auto liability insurance could compensate them for expenses related to their injuries and property damages.

State law requires drivers to carry minimum coverage of $25,000 for injury or death to one passenger, driver, or pedestrian that suffers injuries in an accident and $25,000 for property damages arising out of a single accident. Drivers also must have $50,000 for all injuries or deaths from a single incident if more than one person gets hurt.

State law follows a fault-based system for auto insurance. Under this system, claimants may file a claim under their policy or against the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. If someone files a claim under their own insurance, their carrier would likely pursue a subrogation case against the other coverage provider to recover.

Resolving a Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit in Findlay

If someone’s insurance policy does not cover all the claimant’s damages, they could pursue legal action against the coverage provider. It is not uncommon that an insurance company tries to settle the lawsuit before it goes to court. The settlement negotiation typically starts by a plaintiff sending a demand letter to the insurance adjuster, detailing the facts of the case and demanding an amount to settle.

A rear-end car wreck lawyer in Findlay could help a claimant negotiate a settlement with the insurance adjusters that covers all of an individual’s losses. If no agreement is reached, the plaintiff may proceed with filing a lawsuit. After going through the necessary steps of litigation, providing that the case has not been settled, a jury renders a verdict at trial.

In rear-end cases, the burden often rests on the at-fault motorist to disprove their liability. Many courts view the rear-ending defendant as a rebuttable presumption of negligence. If proven that the defendant is liable, the jury could award the plaintiff damages. If the jury renders an unfavorable verdict, the plaintiff could appeal the decision to a higher court, if they still want to pursue the compensation.

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People commonly experience whiplash, neck pain, and head trauma in a rear-end car accident. These injuries could affect your work, finances, and your ability to enjoy your daily life. A Findlay rear-end car accident lawyer could help you take back control of your life.

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