Findlay Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Front-end car accidents can be extremely dangerous. Because these crashes often happen at high speeds, they often result in devastating, potentially permanent injuries.

If you or a loved one were injured in a front-end car accident, you might be considering different options for legal recovery. A Findlay front-end car accident lawyer could help you bring a case against the negligent party. With the help of a knowledgeable car accident lawyer, you could seek compensation for your injuries.

Negligence Claims in Findlay

Front-end accidents often occur because of the negligence of one of the involved parties. Negligence refers to the fact that, although the responsible party did not mean to cause the accident, they breached the duty of care they had to another and that breach resulted in an injury. Specifically, a lawyer in Findlay would have to demonstrate the following to prove a person was negligent:

  • The defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff
  • The defendant acted breached that duty
  • The defendant’s breach of duty caused the plaintiff’s damages
  • The plaintiff suffered actual harm

All drivers owe other drivers a duty to operate their vehicle with reasonable care and to prevent unreasonable risk of harm. A defendant driver breaches that duty of care when they drive in a way that places an unreasonable risk of harm to the plaintiff. The plaintiff also must show that the front car caused the accident and their injuries. In addition, they must also show that their damages are compensable in court.

What Happens When Both Parties Are At-Fault for Front-End Car Accidents?

One of the major issues that arise in front-end car accident cases is the comparative fault. There are many cases where both drivers contributed to the accident. When the plaintiff is partially at fault for causing the accident, they may still be able to recover compensation depending on their degree of fault. This is referred to as comparative fault.

Under Ohio Revised Code §2315.33, as long as the plaintiff is less than 51 percent at fault for the crash, they could still recover compensation. However, the compensation they can collect may be reduced by their percentage of fault.

For example, if the plaintiff rear-ends the defendant, the court would examine the evidence such as video footage, eyewitness testimony, and tire marks from the scene to determine who was at fault. If the plaintiff is found 40 percent at fault because they were speeding, and the defendant 60 percent at fault for the accident, the plaintiff would receive a reduced percentage of the compensation they are entitled to.

Ways a Findlay Front-End Car Accident Attorney Could Help  

Seeking compensation following a car crash could seem overwhelming. However, if you are facing high medical bills and lost wages due to time away from work, it may also be necessary.

A Findlay front-end car accident lawyer could help you. They could help you assess your options and move forward, bringing a comprehensive claim against the responsible party. Call today for a free consultation to explore your options following a collision.


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