Case Results

Truck Accident Settlement

Our client was a Perrysburg Township police officer involved in a crash while in the scope of his employment. He was stopped at a red light when a semi-truck, traveling at a speed of 60 mph, failed to stop and slammed into the rear of his vehicle. Our client was transported to the hospital with complaints of extreme back pain.

Our client suffered serious back injury as a result of the automobile collision. Imaging revealed he had a residual L5-S1 disc herniation, increase in fluid in the thecal sac, and disc protrusion at the L4-L5 level indenting the anterior thecal sac. He underwent three separate surgeries and physical therapy. However, he continued to experience chronic pain and began having bouts of depression and anxiety with reported sleep disturbances. Our client then had an undocumented suicide attempt and began psychological treatment.

Prior to this tragic accident our client was a healthy, physically fit, 28-year old father of three. He was a proud veteran of the Iraqi War and a former volunteer firefighter. After the accident our client was unable to return to work. He and his wife struggled to keep the family together in a safe comfortable home. Our client was eventually diagnosed with anxiety disorder and was told he would have to live his life with chronic pain. Due to the physical nature of his employment, he was medically disqualified and was told he would not be able to return to work in that field.

We represented this client on a Workers’ Compensation claim and secured him full benefits. After the Workers’ Compensation claim settled, we pursued a lawsuit in Lucas County for his loss of employment. We negotiated an out of court settlement with the negligent driver and the driver’s employer in the amount of $1,250,000.00.

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