Ohio Construction Book

A new book on construction accidents highlights stories of people in northwest Ohio who were nearly killed while on the job.

Injured Worker’s Guide, Construction Accidents in Ohio was written by Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC and is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of injury accidents that occur daily on construction sites across the country. We want to give readers the chance to glimpse into the lives of other workers who faced seemingly insurmountable injuries but were able to get their lives back by knowing and utilizing their legal rights.

Stories include those like:

– Robert Lucas of Bryan, Ohio who was electrocuted and spent 115 days in the hospital (27 of which were in a coma)

– Gary Fries of Bowling Green, Ohio who fell while using a misplaced ladder, shattering his shoulder and causing internal bleeding which led to multiple strokes

– Derriss Bohannon of Toledo, Ohio who was never provided a safety harness and fell 30 feet onto concrete, fracturing his back and arm

The goal of Injured Worker’s Guide is to answer questions like:

– Who is going to pay for my medical bills?

– What if I will never be able to do this kind of work again?

– How are we going to survive as a family without the paychecks?

– Am I eligible for worker’s compensation?

– Can I sue the construction company responsible for my injuries?

– What paperwork needs to be filled out?

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