WTOL Reports On The Clyde Cancer Cluster Families



After a press conference on Monday, WTOL reported the feelings the affected families are currently experiencing regarding the findings surrounding the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

The news station explained that Salt Lake City attorney, Alan Mortensen, hopes that the U.S. and Ohio EPA will follow up on further tests that need to be done on area homes.

Parents and grandparents of the children affected by the Clyde Cancer Cluster spoke about their problems with pediatric cancer and their longing to find what is causing such tragedy in the area.

“Kids are still getting sick. We want to make the area a safer area,” explained Steve Keller, who lost his grandson to cancer. Warren Brown lost his daughter Alexa to cancer and said he wants the truth and doesn’t care whether it comes “in the form of ten million dollars or ten dollars.”

The victims and families involved in this case have been dealing with the issue for six to seven years. They explain that they simply need to know the cause of the heartache. It is time for the children of Clyde to feel safe in their homes and to not have a daily fear of the unknown.

Attorney Charles Boyk has announced his involvement in the case, as he will be assisted Alan Mortensen and his clients. Mr. Boyk explained his own interest in the case throughout the years as a consumer, and how he is thrilled to now help solve this mystery.

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