What To Do If Driving During Severe Weather

When the weather turns bad people flock to basements and other types of sturdy shelter. But, what happens if you are driving when the severe weather hits? The following are tips that you can follow if ever in this type of situation:

·        Tune into a local radio station. Listening to the radio for a weather update can help to determine whether you are safe to keep driving or you need to get off the road and into a safe shelter.

·        Sometimes, turning at a right angle and driving perpendicular to the storm can allow you to get out of its path, but at times, it is difficult to measure the breadth of some storms.

·        People think that underpasses are the safest form of shelter on the roadside. But they are wrong. This “safe” overpass could be lifted from its foundation or could create a wind tunnel, filling up with flying objects and debris.

·        The best idea is to get off the road, and find on foot, the lowest possible level of the ground. Stay away from areas that can flood, trees, power lines, telephone poles, and places where cars are parked.

·        Lie on the ground, cover your neck and head with your arms and protect your cell phone by putting it in a front pocket to use to call for help once the storm or tornado has passed.

·        Be cautious once the storm has passed. Be aware of your surroundings.

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