Winter Driving Safety Information

First of all, buckle up. Basic car safety encourages the use of seat belts and car seats at all times. They’re one of your best defenses in a crash. And it’s the law.

Winter can bring snow, freezing rain and slush, which all make driving hazardous. Use extra caution in areas that ice up quickly, especially intersections, shaded areas, bridges and overpasses.

Since the winter season can bring all sorts of weather surprises, regularly check weather reports on TV or radio so you can prepare for bad weather. On severe weather days, schools and workplaces might close or delay opening. Consider staying at home if you don’t need to be on the road.

Make sure you keep an emergency kit in the trunk of your car, including:


·First aid kit

·Jumper cables

·Include some food and water in your emergency kit as well

Another tip is to make sure your cell phone is fully charged, or you have a car cell phone charger  and that your car always has a full tank of gas.

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