Wearing Protective Clothing In The Work Place


Flame retardant clothing is an important part of working with fire both at home and in the workplace. Employees that are exposed to fire hazards must be properly trained and have access to the best fire-safe clothing available in order to prevent any injuries or tragic wrongful deaths in the workplace.

Recently, there was a worker who was injured by a fire while he was working as a welder. The man sustained severe burns when his torch ignited his supposed “flame retardant” clothing. His clothing was provided to him by his employer. After further investigation of the product, it was found that the protective clothing that was provided burned just as quickly as his non-flame retardant personal clothing. Because of the failure of this product, the worker received burns on 90% of his back.

A lawsuit has been filed against his employer, who is also the manufacturer of the clothing he was provided with. Based on the circumstances, it is believed that the manufacturer exaggerated the degree of which the clothing was able to resist fire and that they should be held liable for this.

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