Ohio State Highway Patrol: Motorcycle Awareness

Ohio State Highway Patrol: Motorcycle Awareness

Now that it is officially spring and warmer weather is on the horizon, the amount of motorcyclists on the road will steadily increase. We can only imagine after the brutal winter that we’ve had, the motorcyclists are itching to get on their bike whenever they can.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is already promoting motorcycle safety awareness as riders get ready to hit the pavement on their bikes. The owner of the Harley Davidson store in Perrysburg commented to 13 ABC News on how busy it has been recently. “The traffic in the stores has really, really increased,” said Time Sherman. “With such a long winter, everyone is really excited to get out and have fun.”

Motorcycle Safety Awareness

The Ohio State Patrol has plans to promote safety as they know riders will be infiltrating the streets soon. Lt. Jerrod Savidge of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said that they want to get the message out. “We don’t want a repeat of last year where we had six people killed on motorcycles,” he said.

Our law office wrote a blog post highlighting the motorcycle accident frequency in Ohio. In Southeast Ohio alone there were 182 injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents and 6 fatal injuries. Of all accidents on the road, motorcycle accidents account for 11% of them, which is why it is essential to promote motorcycle safety now that we are making our way into another season.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

In the article posted by 13 ABC News, Lt. Savidge comments on how all motorcyclists should have a helmet, even though it is not required by law. He also touches on the importance of keeping the headlight on to enable other vehicles to see them.

Our office has continually promoted motorcycle safety through our website. One of our previous blog posts includes safety tips for motorcyclists, including being visible on the roadway, dressing safely and wearing the proper safety equipment, and driving smart.

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As Lt. Savidge points out when speaking to 13 ABC, “When we’re out looking for violations involving motorcycles, we’re also watching vehicles around motorcycles to make sure they’re yielding to them and looking.” This is a point we have also touched on several times. In one of our blog posts titled Motorcycle Safety: What You Need to Know, we talk about safety tips for motorcyclists, as well as safety tips for drivers.

Our law office hopes that the increased awareness surrounding motorcycle safety will help to reduce the number of accidents and injuries. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have seen the devastating effects of such accidents, so our goal is to reduce the tragedy that these accidents bring to the community.

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