Motorcycle Safety: What You Need To Know

Motorcycle Safety: What You Need To Know

Motorcycles provide riders with an exciting experience. Many individuals identify themselves as “bikers” and look forward to the warmer months of the year when they can fully take advantage of their motorcycles. But, while motorcycles provide a mode of transportation that can be convenient and fun, they also pose danger to both the riders on the bike, as well as the other drivers on the roadway.

It is critical for both motorcycle riders and for automobile riders to be aware of the below safety tips as motorcycle season begins to wrap up. Just this past weekend alone there were a handful of motorcycle accidents that resulted in serious injury and even one fatality. Our law office has represented countless Ohio motorcycle accident victims, so we know how life-changing an accident can be. For that reason, we try to share safety tips and other useful information in attempts to prevent future accidents.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

  • While it is not required, motorcyclists should always wear a helmet
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Use signals properly
  • Do NOT tailgate other vehicles on roadway
  • Do NOT weave through traffic
  • Ensure other drivers see you; use headlights, do not ride in blind spots

Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Do not throw cigarette butts out of car when a motorcyclist is behind you
  • Do not clean windshield if motorcyclist is behind you
  • Do not multitask while driving; refrain from cell phone use
  • Pay special attention to blind spots

Next time you are behind the wheel of your vehicle or riding on your motorcycle, please keep these safety tips in mind. It is imperative for everyone to play their part to ensure safety on the roadway.

If you have any questions regarding motorcycle accidents, call our Ohio accident attorneys at 800.637.8170. You can also order a free copy of The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book for more information regarding the legal process one follows after an accident.

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