Ohio Motorcycle Accidents In The Hundreds

Ohio Motorcycle Accidents In The Hundreds

A recent article posted in The Post of Athens, Ohio brings attention to the high number of motorcycle accidents in Southeast Ohio.

One individual involved in a motorcycle accident, Michael While, crashed his bike while riding on Route 180 in Hocking County. After the crash, he was taken to Hocking Valley Community Hospital. Luckily, he walked out of the emergency room free of any serious injuries, other than road rash and a sprained ankle.

In Southeast Ohio alone there has been 337 motorcycle-involved crashes. This area includes Athens, Hocking, Miegs, Morgan, Perry, Vinton and Washington counties. The results of these crashes included the following:

  • 182 minor injuries
  • 29 property damages
  • 6 fatal injuries

Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

Motorcycle accidents that cause injuries, fatalities, and damages happen throughout the state of Ohio. The national statistic is that 11-percent of all accidents on the road involved motorcycles. This is why it is extremely important for motorcyclists and passengers to be aware of the safety precautions. Read more about motorcycle safety.

Amanda Ball, the Outreach Coordinator for MedFlight Ohio, a nonprofit that helps bring trauma patients to established trauma centers, said that they travel throughout the state of Ohio. “Normally there’s a lot of head injuries from not wearing helmets or protective gear,” Ball said.

Our office cannot stress enough how important it is to take the proper safety steps when operating a motorcycle.

“I’ve been in law for 30 years and some of the most traumatic injuries I have seen involve a motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists need to wear safety gear and pay attention to the safety tips that they are taught. By being prepared, they are increasing the chances of their safety if they are in an accident, especially if it is caused by another driver,” said attorney Chuck Boyk.

Motorcycle Accident Victim

If you or someone you love was injured in an Ohio motorcycle accident, call a lawyer. Doing so will help you understand the options that are available in terms of compensation for injuries to help pay medical bills, expenses, and lost wages.

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