11-Month-Old Child Gets Into Mother’s Medicine Cabinet

The investigation is still underway as an 11-month-old baby of Taylor Franklin, 19, died to what authorities say is due to ingesting medications.

The child’s mother found her infant, Gerald Passmore Jr., crawling on the floor just before midnight on Monday when she noticed prescription pills on the floor. Franklin took her child from the Trailbridge Townhomes complex where she resides to the Atrium Medical Center in Middletown to be checked out.

The 11-month-old died shortly after 12:30 a.m. and has undergone an autopsy, which has not yet revealed the immediate cause of death for the child. No sign of foul play seemed to be found on the body, which is causing specialists and police to deem this incident an accident. Specialists believe the cause of the baby’s death was due to ingesting pills.

Investigators will not know for the next six to eight weeks until laboratory results are completely processed before they see what killed the infant.

The pills were identified by authorities as Nifedipine, which is a prescription drug used to reduce blood pressure and treat chest pain. Officer’s reported the bottle did not have a childproof cap and they were prescribed to the mother. The police attained a warrant to search the house and found paperwork claiming some of Franklin’s prescriptions had been filled on Monday.

Neighbors who have witnessed Franklin with her children claim she is a great mother and as of today charges have not been filed nor has the mother been detained. Further investigation, however, is still pending.

19-year-old Franklin has other children as well including two older children at the ages of 3 and 2 who were taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for evaluations as well as a 1-month old infant who was also checked into Atrium to be monitored.

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