Who Pays for the Injuries from a Dog Bite?

Our office frequently represents dog bite victims and sees the devastating consequences which result from a bite. People who suffer the traumatic experience of a dog bite deserve to be fairly compensated for their medical bills and the pain they’ve suffered. The most likely source for that compensation will be the homeowner’s insurance policy.

In Ohio, an owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog is strictly liable for any injuries caused by the dog. However, we often find that the owner or keeper of the dog doesn’t own the home where the dog resides. If the dog owner rents, it’s difficult to hold the landlord liable and recover compensation under the homeowner’s policy.

To find the landlord liable, it must be shown that the landlord had possession and control over the property where the dog was kept. Usually, this is only found in limited situations, such as if the dog attack occurs in a common area. Attorney Andrea Young is currently litigating this issue and is fighting hard to keep the landlords on the hook for the multiple dog attacks which occurred on their property

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