Understanding Truck Blind Spots in Toledo

Because driving with limited sightlines can be extremely dangerous, understanding truck blind spots in Toledo can help impact the way you handle an accident, should you ever be in a collision with a tractor-trailer. For any questions regarding how to prevent a collision from limited sight, contact a distinguished truck accident attorney. A lawyer can help protect your rights and help you sue for damages if an accident inevitably occurs. They can help you understand how these accidents happen and whether or not to proceed with a personal injury case for damages.

Common Truck-Involved Incidents

Car accidents involving trucks can be extremely serious and often deadly. One of the most frequent causes of accidents involving a truck is when other drivers are not visible in the truck’s blind spots. Blind spots are areas that are not visible to a driver because of the size of their vehicle. While most people are aware of blind spots when it comes to cars, these visibility challenges are very different when it comes to trucks and often much larger as well.

To avoid a serious crash with a truck, drivers should be aware of where the truck has its blind spots when trying to pass it. When behind a truck or passing, drivers should make sure they can see the truck’s side mirrors, because if a driver cannot see the mirrors then the truck driver cannot see the other vehicle.

Role of a Car Driver

Drivers of standard cars should start signaling early on to give a truck driver enough time to realize they plan on passing. Do not be overly aggressive with trying to pass a truck because its larger size makes its response time much slower. Drivers in front of trucks want to drive far enough ahead so that they can see the headlights from the truck in the rearview mirror. At that point, a driver will be out of the blind spot of the truck.

Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers can also take extra precautions to avoid accidents in their blind spots. Warning signs well tell drivers that the truck has large blind spots so that they are more aware of the risks of trying to pass the truck. Sometimes, driving slowly is also a good option to allow smaller cars to pass. Truck drivers can also add extra mirrors or fish eye mirrors to reduce blind spots.

When there is a truck accident, both drivers have to argue about which driver was negligent (or more negligent). To prove negligence, a person has to show that the driver did not act reasonably like other drivers on the road in the same set of circumstances.

Whether you are the driver who failed to take into account the blind spots of a truck or a commercial driver who did not take any precautions about the blind spots, you should speak with a Toledo truck accident lawyer to determine if you could be found to be negligent.


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