Toledo Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyer

A Toledo overloaded truck accident lawyer is knowledgeable on a variety of types of truck incidents. There are a large number of trucks that tend to be overweight based on Ohio law. The trucking companies have an incentive to make the most profit possible and by being overweight, they can haul more cargo and, therefore, make more money. I-75 is a nationwide highway and the amount of interstate truck and traffic between Toledo and Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia is tremendous. Consult with a skilled Toledo truck accident attorney if you have issues in regard to an overloaded truck incident.

What is the Danger of Overloaded Trucks?

The problems with an overweight truck are safety concerns regarding the ability of the driver to control the truck. The truck tends to be more dangerous with a heavier load than what is allowed under Ohio or federal law. It could cause more damage as a result of being overweight. There could be more accidents because of being overweight, causing more serious injuries.

The trucking company will make a larger profit if carrying at over the maximum weight, especially if the shipment arrived early or on time. The profit is going to be more important to the trucking company and the supplier than the safety of the general public.

Injuries with Overloaded Trucks

There is an increased chance of serious injuries such as broken bones, herniated disks, neck or back injuries, paraplegia, and even death.

If they are hauling livestock, as a result of an accident, there might be cows or sheep running around the expressway. With propane or gasoline, there is a danger of fire or explosions. And, depending on the cargo, the truck could lose control and the cargo could cover the whole expressway and whatever liquid is in the truck can cause additional accidents. A Toledo overloaded truck accident lawyer can offer more information on associated risks and dangers.

What are the Risks to Infrastructure in a Truck Crash?

When a vehicle is overweight, there is more damage to the roadways, more damage to the bridges, and more damage to the whole infrastructure of the highway system because the roads and the bridges are built for a certain amount of weight. Exceeding that weight is going to cause more damage.

Safe Trucks

In a safe truck, there will be less potential for accidents of losing control because of the weight of the vehicle. If it is a safe truck and an accident happens, their cargo will not fall out of the truck or be released by the accident. With a safe way truck, there is less likelihood of an accident and less injury

Liability for Accidents

Under Ohio and federal law, the trucking company, the leasing company, the supplier, the broker, and whoever loaded the truck could potentially be liable. Everybody in the chain from the owner of the truck to the broker and the common carrier can all be held liable. It is important to contact a professional and experienced Toledo overloaded truck accident lawyer who is trained to handle these types of cases.

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