Toledo Forceps Injuries

Child birth sometimes requires the help of forceps to deliver the baby. The forceps allow the medical professional to grasp the baby’s head and guide the baby out of the birth canal. This is often done as the mother pushes simultaneously during a contraction.

Forceps are shaped like large spoons, and are used when the labor is not progressing as the mother pushes during contractions.

The use of forceps during labor can cause injury to both the mother and the baby. It can give the mother pain after labor, tears and wounds, and difficulty urinating or incontinence. The baby is put at risk for facial injury or weak facial muscles, eye trauma, fractures or bleeding within the skull, and seizures.

Potential Complications

Although serious complications from the forceps are not likely when performed by an experienced medical professional, the baby is still put at risk during delivery. If the delivering medical professional does not use the tool properly, they could cause possible damage to the baby’s brain, which could lead to a lasting condition.

If forceps were used to ensure a safe delivery for your baby, but the forceps were not used in a proper way causing serious and lifelong complications for your child, call our forceps injury lawyers. If the health care provider that used the forceps was not properly trained, leading to a lasting medical condition for your child, damages must be paid.

The Toledo birth injury lawyers at our office have extensive experience in this practice area and will help your family receive compensation for this horrible situation. You can also order The Ultimate Guide to Medical Malpractice Claims in Ohio, which will help you understand the steps that must be taken legally to ensure your claim is successful.

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