What to do After a Bicycle Accident in Toledo 

Biking is a pleasant and efficient method of getting around, but it can also be dangerous. A run-in with a distracted driver could result in serious injuries for you. If you are wondering what to do after a bicycle accident in Toledo, you should consult an experienced bike accident attorney. A seasoned lawyer could talk to you about the accident and help you decide what your next steps should be.

Seeking Medical Attention Following a Collision

Individuals might wonder what to do after a bicycle accident in Toledo. The first thing a person should do is immediately seek medical attention. If the individual is injured and thinks they are going to need additional medical attention that would be the time to talk to an attorney to investigate their legal rights and responsibilities.

Consulting an Insurance Company Following a Bike Crash

A person can report the bicycle accident immediately to their own insurance company or can contact an attorney to have the attorney set up the claim if the individual feels uncomfortable making statements to an insurance company themselves.

Who Should Someone Contact if They do not Have Insurance?

If a person does not have insurance, they should contact an attorney. The attorney can tell them what to do after a bicycle accident in Toledo and help them determine their rights and responsibilities. The lawyer could also determine if there is some other applicable insurance that may apply under Ohio law.

For example, if a person is at fault in a bicycle accident, there may be coverage under a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. If the individual is riding the bicycle and is hit by a vehicle, the vehicle may have insurance coverage through the driver or owner of the vehicle. If the driver is a resident relative of another, there may be insurance under an apparent automobile insurance policy.

Evidence to Collect

Following an accident, an individual should get the names and addresses of all the witnesses and take photographs of the scene, of any injuries sustained, and of the bicycle and motor vehicle(s) involved in the accident as soon as possible. Finally, an individual should follow-up with an attorney as soon as possible to begin the accident investigation.

Is Legal Representation Necessary in Bike Accident Cases?

There is an old saying that only a fool represents themselves in a court of law. An individual representing themselves in a bicycle accident is undoubtedly not going to understand the law in Ohio and the legal process to best protect their rights. In addition, a person emotionally involved in their own a bicycle accident is not going to look at the situation objectively.

The attorney’s job is to objectively evaluate the evidence, do a thorough investigation and explain to the clients their rights and responsibilities. An attorney will inform the client as to the best way to maximize the recovery in their case and to tell the client the truth whether they like it or not. It is important to have someone who can objectively and unemotionally evaluate the pros and cons of a bicycle accident case.

How a Bike Accident Attorney Could Help

An attorney is able to give a person involved in a bicycle accident prompt, professional advice. An attorney can investigate the accident, obtain photos, obtain witnesses, get the police reports, investigate the law, and come up with a strategy that will explain to the client their rights, responsibilities and the best way to maximize recovery, and ensure they are treated fairly by the insurance company.

Importance of Contacting a Toledo Bike Crash Lawyer

It is important to contact an attorney because a person may unwittingly do something careless that destroys their legal rights. An individual may make a self-incriminating statement to an insurance company, or investigator. They may fail to preserve evidence or seek medical attention.

Someone unfamiliar with how a lawsuit works and what their rights and responsibilities are during an accident under Ohio law may do or say a number of things that will destroy or substantially diminish the value of their case. If an individual is unsure of what to do after a bicycle accident in Toledo, they should consult a capable bike accident lawyer that could advocate for them and protect their rights.

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