Safety and Preventative Measures in Toledo Bicycle Accidents

It is common for people involved in bicycle accidents to suffer serious injuries like broken bones and traumatic head trauma. This is why it is essential for people to know and follow the safety and preventative measures in Toledo bicycle accidents. Some safety measures people could take to help prevent bicycle accidents include wearing a helmet, having lights on the bicycle, and wearing reflective clothing. Bicyclists are also supposed to use their hands as turn signals when they are making turns if they are on the roadway. If you have any questions regarding the safety measures a bicyclist should take, reach out to a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer that could answer your questions.

What is a Motorist’s Duty of Care to a Cyclist?

Not only do bicyclists need to follow the safety and preventative measures in Toledo bicycle accidents, but non-bicyclists too. Non-bicycle riders need to be cautious of bicyclists. They should try to obtain the three-foot distance rule when passing a bicyclist and also lessen their driving speed. It is essential for drivers to always pay attention to the road and be mindful of bicyclists.

Examples of On-Road Safety Measures

Examples of on-road safety and preventative measures in Toledo bicycle accidents are some common sense rules. A bicyclist should keep their distance from other vehicles, use their hands as turn signals, have their lights on, not ride at night, and wear reflecting clothing. When riding on the road, the three-foot rule is critical for both the bicyclist and the vehicle driver to follow.

Are Bicyclists Required to Wear a Helmet?

Under Ohio law, bicyclists are not required to wear a helmet. However, it is recommended that everyone wears a helmet when riding a bicycle. Wearing a helmet could help lessen the impact of someone’s head hitting a hard surface in an accident. Head injuries are some of the most serious and devastating injuries one can suffer.

Not wearing a bicycle helmet could also impact a person’s claim because a jury may have some prejudice against someone who suffers a head injury and was not wearing a helmet. The jury may assume the person took the risk of getting a head injury when they chose not to wear a helmet. The juries assumption may affect the value of the injured person’s case.

Common Misconceptions About Bicycle Safety in Toledo

A common misconception that people have about bicycle safety in Toledo or in Ohio, in general, is that bicyclists should not be on the road. They have a legal right to be on the road, but they do have an extra burden to try to protect themselves from cars that are not used to driving with bicycles. Safety and preventative measures in Toledo bicycle accidents include using extreme caution and avoiding roads with heavy traffic.

What to do Following an Accident

When someone is in an accident, they might be unsure of what to do afterward. It is important that the injured person cooperates with the police, give names of witnesses, and take photos of the scene. The individual also needs to seek medical care and then call an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer could help with gathering evidence that is necessary for filing a claim. If an individual has been injured in a bicycle accident, they should seek the services of an attorney that could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for them.

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