Port Clinton Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Pools require fences to ensure the safety of children and adults. Whether it is a private pool, a residential pool, or a public pool, a fence is required to prevent injuries and drowning accidents. There are certain pool fence standards that must be met, some of which include a height of 4 feet and a surrounding perimeter of the pool. The fence must also have self-closing and latching gates as well as gaps that are less than 4 inches wide.

If a pool fence does not meet the established standards, it may fail to prevent pool accidents. The result could be serious injury or a drowning accident. If a child is injured due to a fence that does not meet the standards, the pool owner could be held liable for the injuries sustained.

Pool safety is essential to prevent accidents. Other tips include active alarms leading to the pool, safety covers on pools and spas, drain covers, and easily accessible emergency equipment.

Contact a Pool Accident Attorney

If your child has been involved in a swimming pool accident because of a pool fence’s improper installation or maintenance, contact a Port Clinton swimming pool accident lawyer. Our law office can help you receive the compensation that is merited for the pain and suffering that resulted from the accident.


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