How A Personal Injury Case Works: Filing A Lawsuit

The Charles E. Boyk Law Office has created a video specifically centered on filing a lawsuit if you have been involved in a personal injury accident. Boy providing information via video, as well as written information, our personal injury law office hopes to help victims through their injury and claim process.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury attorney Chuck Boyk explains to individuals how one would file a personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured in an accident and have chosen to go through the legal process, your personal injury attorney will guide you through the necessary steps. First, they will go through the settlement process with you. Oftentimes, the plaintiff and defendant are able to settle out of court, making the process somewhat faster for those involved. However, there are times in which this does not happen.

If at the end of the settlement process, the attorney and client make a decision to file a lawsuit, the attorney will lead you through the entire process. First, your personal injury attorney will file the lawsuit in a court, send you a copy of the lawsuit, and then work directly with you throughout the litigation process.

Personal Injury: Discover Process

One of the steps that often occurs in personal injury lawsuits is a discover request. This is a request for insurance policies, witness statements, and interrogatories (questions that must be answered under oath to the other side). The interrogatories are also directed at you, as the client, and your attorney will work with you every step of the way to help you answer those.

Personal Injury: Deposition

Once the interrogatories are answered, a statement under oath is taken, referred to as a deposition. What our personal injury law office does for clients is send a copy of all medical records and bills, an itemization and a summary of all records and bills, answers to the interrogatories, photos, and all other records. Your attorney will then work with you to prepare for the deposition so you are not stressed, but instead fully prepared.

After the depositions that involve the plaintiff, defendant, and any relevant witnesses (people who witness accident or have information around it; or deposition of expert witnesses that offer opinions) the case will then be set for mediation.

Personal Injury: Mediation

The mediation process includes a court sponsored mediator that will try to settle the case between the plaintiff and the insurance company. Your personal injury attorney will be with you throughout the entire process to try to maximize your recovery. If the process is successful, there will be a settlement at this time that your attorney will help to negotiate.

If the personal injury case proceeds to trial, your attorney will be working on your behalf the entire time and work with you to prepare for the trial. Our law office prides ourselves in keeping clients fully informed and prepared to testify at trial, helping to maximize recovery.

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