Fremont Bicycle Accident Dynamics

There are certain aspects of bicycle accidents that set them apart from other personal injury cases. Bicyclists may be subject to specific laws and regulations that must be adhered to while on the road and while pursuing a claim for any injuries after an accident. A rider seeking compensation for an accident may benefit from contacting a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could know how Fremont Bicycle accident dynamics could affect your injury claim and could guide you towards a successful compensation.

How do Bicycle and Automobile Accidents Differ?

Bicycle accidents are different from automobile accidents because a person who is riding a bike is typically far more exposed to the impact than a person in an automobile. In car accidents, it may be more difficult to get ejected from a vehicle. Since cars are substantially heavier and more powerful than a bicycle, there may be a higher potential for serious injuries or death when a car hits a bicyclist. These dynamics may leave people susceptible to bicycle accidents in Fremont.

Unique Aspects of Bike Accidents

Common dynamics of a bike accident in Fremont involve cars turning without looking or getting to close to bicyclists and causing an accident. There may also be situations where a bicyclist might not realize that they are supposed to stop at a stop sign and they keep going before getting stuck in the intersection. Traumatic brain injuries are also common in bicycle accidents.

Bicyclists could make themselves more aware of how much they may be exposed while on the road. Other drivers might not be looking for them or may not be able to spot them as easily as they would other vehicles. The single most important thing that they could do is be aware of how critical it is to wear a helmet to protect themselves from head injuries.

What Standards are Bicyclists Held Under the Law?

Bicyclists riding on the road may typically be held to the same standards as any other vehicle operator. This could be enforced by local police departments or state troopers, depending on where a person is riding their bike.

There may be some jurisdictions that give bicycle riders some of the pedestrian protection due to a bicycle’s low speed of travel and the fact that bicycles have no built-in protections such as airbags.

Various Bicycle Accident Dynamics a Fremont Attorney Might Consider

The Fremont bicycle accident dynamics a seasoned attorney will examine include how the accident happened, who caused it, whether or not anyone was cited, if the authorities did an investigation, if the other side may claim comparative negligence, whether the other driver has insurance, if the injured person has insurance, and what the injuries are.

All the information an attorney gathers could go into an analysis of how long it may take the plaintiff to heal and whether there may be any kind of lasting impact or permanent change to that their life. Contact a personal injury attorney and begin examining Fremont bicycle accident dynamics to build your case.

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