How Much Are Bigen Cases Worth?

Bigen hair dye has been the cause of thousands of serious health complications to those individuals who choose to color their hair. A hair dye that was marketed as “gentle” and “nourishing” has instead caused serious allergic reactions to many individuals. There are various allergic reactions resulting from Bigen that may appear soon after the use of the product, or 1-2 days after the product is used on the hair.

Bigen Allergic Reactions

  • Loss of hair
  • Blistering scalp
  • Swelling of face
  • Black eyes
  • Swelling of throat
  • Burns
  • Skin reactions

Worth of Bigen Lawsuit

If you have experienced a serious allergic reaction from Bigen hair dye, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. There have been thousands of lawsuits filed due to Bigen hair dye causing serious health reactions to those who use it. Our office has represented countless victims of Bigen hair products, helping them to receive compensation.

The worth of each Bigen lawsuit depends on several factors, which makes contacting a personal injury lawyer so important. The worth of a Bigen lawsuit varies case to case, but when a personal injury lawyer handles your case, the goal is to help you to receive the compensation that is deserved. This amount of compensation depends on the medical bills that have results from the allergic reaction to Bigen, as well as how the injury affected your life. Pain and suffering is another component of your personal injury case, taking into account what the health reaction caused, such as time off work, emotional distress, and many other things.

Bigen Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered an allergic reaction to a Bigen hair product, call our personal injury lawyers for more information about your legal options. By calling our office, you will have the opportunity to speak directly to a lawyer about your allergic reactions and the steps that you can take toward compensation.

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