Bigen May Make Hair Fall Out

Bigen May Make Hair Fall Out






Bigen Hair Products have caused many individuals to suffer serious injuries. The hair dye, available in both liquid and powder, has caused a variety of reactions in users, as seen below:

  • Hair falls out
  • Blistering scalp
  • Swelling of face
  • Black eyes
  • Throat swelling

The reaction that has received a lot of attention online is the hair falling out as a result of the Bigen hair dye. There are even videos online of users documenting the hair loss after the product is used. As you can imagine, this causes serious emotional distress in addition to the pain felt with the other Bigen injury symptoms.

Hair Falls Out from Bigen

The lawyers at our law office have helped countless victims of Bigen hair products. As experienced lawyers in this area, we are able to assisted injured victims seek justice for the pain and suffering that they experience as a result of Bigen.

If you used Bigen hair dye and then experienced some of the reactions listed above, call our Bigen hair dye lawyers at 800.637.8170. If your hair fell out after using Bigen, it could have happened right after the use, or hours later. This is a very traumatic symptom and our law office believes that it deserves compensation. We understand and sympathize with those who have suffered from Bigen and we hope that by spreading awareness of the possible reactions will help to prevent others from using the product and suffering as well.

Bigen Hair Dye Lawyers

Our law office can handle Bigen cases from individuals throughout the nation. If you would like to speak to a lawyer about the options that you have regarding the reaction that you had to Bigen hair dye, contact us today.

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