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Icy Roads Caused Accident, Am I At Fault?

Winter weather can get very bad at times in Ohio, leading to icy roadways, reduced visibility, and an all-around dangerous roadway. We posted a blog reminding area drivers of winter weather driving tips, found here. At times it can be difficult for motorists to remember…

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What Is The Most Important Thing To Do After A Car Accident?

The most important thing an individual should do after a car accident is to follow the doctor’s orders. Doing so is not only good for their health and well-being, but also for future legal claims that they may make for injuries. When involved in a…

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Should I Seek Psychological Treatment After An Accident?

When someone is involved in a serious accident, whether it is a vehicle accident or a different type of injury accident, there is a possibility that psychological issues could result. The scope of psychological affects can differ from person to person and the way an…

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How Do I Pay My Medical Bills After An Accident?

Being injured in an accident due to the fault of another individual is a very stressful situation. There are several legal concerns that you must take care of as you simultaneously recover from the injuries sustained in the accident. When seeking treatment after an accident…

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Who Do I Call If Injured By Drunk Driver?

If you are injured in an accident by a drunk driver, you need to contact a personal injury attorney immediately. Drunk driving accidents can result in very serious injuries and fatality. We often see in the news a wrong-way crash that occurs, usually with alcohol…

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