Injured Party Sues Negligent Motorist for Damages in Multiple Vehicle Collision 

On the morning of August 13, 2019, our client was traveling in Allen Township, Ohio when he was struck by a negligent motorist. The driver failed to maintain a safe distance from our client. As a result of this carelessness, the defendant rear-ended our client’s vehicle, causing a collision. The Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to the accident and cited the negligent motorist for failing to maintain an assured clear distance ahead. Meanwhile, our client was taken to the Wood County Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Damages Resulting from the Collision

Our client suffered multiple injuries as a result of the collision, including significant damage to his neck, shoulders, and arms. Additionally, he sustained head trauma that led to memory loss, vertigo, and headaches. As a result of these injuries, our client incurred damages such as lost wages and mental anguish, and his wife suffered loss of spousal consortium due to the impact the accident had on their marriage. Our client believes that his injuries are permanent in nature and will require future treatment.

Relief Sought

Due to the significant injuries our client sustained in the accident, we are seeking a judgment that will compensate him for all his damages. Because the defendant does not have adequate insurance coverage to address these losses, we are also seeking a declaratory judgment stating that our client is entitled to the uninsured motorist coverage outlined by his own State Farm Mutual Automobile insurance policy.

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