Ohio Car Accident Lawyer

Car collisions may have a significant impact on your life or the life of your loved ones. An auto wreck may cause substantial physical injuries requiring time and medical treatment to recover. Crashes that only result in property damage or minor injuries may still leave you with emotional or mental scars that could be equally debilitating.

Damages recovered through a car crash lawsuit could help you meet the financial costs of your recovery. The assistance of an Ohio car accident lawyer might make the process of filing a claim and pursuing compensation easier and more accessible. Alternatively, an attorney could help determine whether a settlement may be the best option for resolving your case.

Causes of Ohio Car Collisions that Lead to Compensation

People who are injured in a car wreck may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation if the crash and their resulting injuries are the product of another person’s carelessness. Careless or negligent behaviors that may support a claim for compensation might include:

  • Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy
  • Disregarding stop signs, traffic lights, or traffic control signs
  • Speeding too fast given the prevailing road and traffic conditions
  • Using a cell phone or electronic device while behind the wheel
  • Talking with other passengers in the car or using the radio

Determining the cause of a plaintiff’s crash is an essential step in deciding whether they may have a valid claim to pursue. A skilled Ohio attorney may be able to conclude whether you have a viable case swiftly.

Settling a Lawsuit in Ohio Following a Car Wreck

Not every Ohio car accident lawsuit proceeds to trial. In many cases, the injured plaintiff and at-fault defendant will attempt to settle their dispute via a settlement. Parties that settle their case typically agree that the defendant is to pay some compensation to the plaintiff in return for no further pursuit of compensation.

A settlement is an agreement requiring both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s acceptance. If one party or the other does not agree to the terms, then a trial may be necessary. A plaintiff or a defendant may consider a settlement if:

  • It is not clear who would prevail at trial
  • The costs of litigating the case may be high
  • Either party needs a swift resolution to the matter
  • There are few, if any, issues in dispute between the parties

While common, a settlement may not be an appropriate resolution for every injured claimant. Those harmed in car crashes in Ohio may wish to speak with a qualified attorney before agreeing to settle their cases. This may help ensure that plaintiffs do not give up important rights or unnecessarily agree to accept less-than-fair compensation for their injuries.

When to Call an Ohio Car Accident Attorney

Following a car wreck in Ohio, you or your loved one should consider speaking with an experienced Ohio car accident attorney sooner rather than later. It may be easy for you or a beloved family member to make a legal misstep while pursuing compensation. Such errors might result in the reduction of your compensation award or a dismissal of your case altogether. Your attorney may help prevent such outcomes and may successfully guide you through the civil recovery process. Call today to get started.

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