Ohio Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Careless and inattentive motorists who collide with bicyclists often cause severe or even fatal injuries to the rider. Bicyclists who experience broken bones, spinal cord, or traumatic brain injuries may face a long and expensive road to recovery. These injured individuals may also face financial trouble if they must take time away from work to recover from their harm.

When a bicycle wreck is the result of another person’s poor choices, injured cyclists may have legal rights to pursue compensation. Plaintiffs may do so with help from an experienced Ohio bicycle accident lawyer. Personal injury lawsuits may result in a bicyclist who experienced harm receiving monetary damages for bills, lost income during recuperation, and intangible costs like pain and suffering.

Negligent Conduct That May Lead to a Bike Injury Lawsuit

Any negligent conduct that causes a bicycle crash may potentially give an injured plaintiff the right to seek compensation from the negligent person. A person’s behavior is legally considered negligent when it is objectively unreasonable. That is, negligent conduct is behavior that no other reasonable person would engage in under the same circumstances. This behavior may include motorists who:

  • Fail to give bicyclists enough clearance when passing
  • Turn in front of a bicyclist or cut a bicyclist off in traffic
  • Disobey traffic laws, signs, or signals
  • Open a car door in the direct path of a bicyclist
  • Do not provide sufficient signals to bicyclists before turning or stopping

Such behaviors and actions may lead to a monetary judgment in favor of the injured cyclist. If the bicyclist’s conduct is the principal reason behind their damages and losses, then the bicyclist’s lawsuit is unlikely to succeed. However, in situations where the bicyclist’s actions played a role in the crash, any recovery they receive may be reduced proportionally to their degree of fault.

Determining whether a person’s behavior is negligent, or what compensation an injured bicyclist may receive through a lawsuit, is not always clear. A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer may help by providing an unbiased evaluation of your bike wreck case so you are prepared to make informed decisions about exercising your legal rights.

Time Limitations for Pursuing Compensation in Ohio

Injured bicyclists must file any personal injury claim within Ohio’s statute of limitations. This law requires bicycle accident plaintiffs to file their lawsuits and begin pursuing compensation within two years of the date of their injuries. Plaintiffs who attempt to seek compensation more than two years from the date of their wreck may have their case immediately dismissed by the court.

There are certain exceptions to this two-year deadline that may be applicable in some instances. While it is always advisable to seek legal counsel quickly, a potential claimant may still wish to speak with a qualified attorney about their case even if it has been more than two years since their bicycle accident.

Contact an Ohio Bicycle Accident Attorney

Pursuing a claim for damages following a bicycle wreck is not always a simple or straightforward task. Such a job may be less stressful, though, if you or your loved one receives counsel and assistance from an Ohio bicycle accident lawyer. There are substantive rights that a plaintiff may inadvertently forfeit by proceeding with their case alone. Additionally, failure to comply with technicalities in the way their lawsuits are filed and presented could lead to the denial of your claims. To protect your rights and start work on your case, call a local attorney today.

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